3 Signs You’ve Found The Right Copywriter to Propel Your Business

3 Signs You’ve Found The Right Copywriter to Propel Your Business

There comes a time in the expansion of every business that some outside help is needed to advance the overall marketing strategy. A copywriter can step in to craft engaging social media copy, drive thought leadership through blog posts or accelerate sales with snappy product copy. Don’t leave your copywriting as an afterthought – instead, look out for these traits as you search for the copywriter your business needs.

1. They listen and ask questions

While you want your copywriter to be an expert, you don’t want them to dominate your meetings by telling you how you should be doing things. A good copywriter listens to your needs, your product, your business goals and more, then provides thoughtful suggestions. They should also ask you a series of questions to properly ascertain your copy requirements, such as your audience breakdown, how formal or informal you want the copy to be, and what you are wanting the copy to achieve.

2. They get your voice

Every brand, including yours, has a voice. This could be approachable, authoritative, witty or anything in between. A skilled copywriter should be able to adhere to the existing voice of your brand, or craft a new voice if you are wanting to steer your brand in a different direction. 

If you are still working out what your voice is, provide the copywriter with samples of other writing you like, such as a competitor’s. If you are the face of your brand, simply have a conversation with the copywriter to give them an idea of your tonality, word choice, sentence structure and the like, which they can use to inform their copy.

3. They focus on content, not keywords

While SEO is important, it should not dominate your copy. Steer clear of copywriters who only concern themselves with keywords, as you will likely end up with copy that feels robotic and awkward to read while providing zero value to the reader. A good copywriter should be able to seamlessly integrate keywords into copy that is also engaging and beautiful.

There’s a few different ways you can ensure you nail a qualified copywriter that ticks all these boxes. Recommendations are one of the most reliable avenues, so try asking around your professional network to see who has helped them with their copy. There is also a plethora of copywriters online, but make sure to avoid low-quality content mills and find reputable writers on platforms like LinkedIn instead.

Finally, remember that good copy is worth the financial investment. An offshore writer or unpaid intern might save you money, but likely won’t take your business in the direction it needs to go.

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