Education Marketing Articles Written for Candlefox

By Hania Syed

Candlefox is a multinational education marketing agency servicing education providers. In addition to feature articles for Candlefox’s own website, I have written blog posts and content pillars for their clients,, and

Some pieces include:

How to Beat Social Isolation in the Workplace

Aussie Jobs in 2019: A Breakdown

Why Small Business Owners Should Think About Upskilling

How to Use Upskilling for a Career Change

Does Australia Have the Infrastructure to Work From Home?

Upskilling in the Age of COVID-19

Testimonial from Amber Kirkwood, Digital Product Manager at Candlefox:

Hania is a talented writer highly skilled in SEO-technical writing and web communications. She is a fantastic and dedicated member of the Candlefox contributor team and has shown a keen knowledge of SEO content and strategy. Her articles are very well researched and show a clear understanding of keyword optimisation and structuring which has continued to further our website’s visibility on Google. I would highly recommend her for any writing position where SEO knowledge is a must.

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With an education in Creative Writing and three years’ experience in content marketing, I have the skills necessary to write content that is both beautiful and effective.

I look to inject personality and artistry into all the work I do, with my technical knowledge tying it all together. The end result is beautiful content that engages and converts.

I provide a full suite of content marketing support, from SEO landing pages and blog posts to lead generation magnets and social media copy.

My creative writing done on the side has been published in Voiceworks, Farrago and The Financial Diet.

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