Education Marketing Articles Written for Candlefox

By Hania Syed

Candlefox is a multinational education marketing agency servicing education providers. In addition to feature articles for Candlefox’s own website, I have written blog posts and content pillars for their clients,, and

Some pieces include:

How to Beat Social Isolation in the Workplace

Aussie Jobs in 2019: A Breakdown

Why Small Business Owners Should Think About Upskilling

How to Use Upskilling for a Career Change

Does Australia Have the Infrastructure to Work From Home?

Upskilling in the Age of COVID-19

Testimonial from Amber Kirkwood, Digital Product Manager at Candlefox:

Hania is a talented writer highly skilled in SEO-technical writing and web communications. She is a fantastic and dedicated member of the Candlefox contributor team and has shown a keen knowledge of SEO content and strategy. Her articles are very well researched and show a clear understanding of keyword optimisation and structuring which has continued to further our website’s visibility on Google. I would highly recommend her for any writing position where SEO knowledge is a must.

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