There comes a time in the expansion of every business that some outside help is needed to advance the overall marketing strategy. A copywriter can step in to craft engaging social media copy, drive thought leadership through blog posts or accelerate sales with snappy product copy. Don’t leave your copywriting as an afterthought – instead, look out for these traits as you search for the copywriter your business needs.

A New Approach to Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: You either love them or hate them. Some of us don’t believe in setting goals at the advent of a new calendar year because ‘time is just a social construct’, while others set lofty resolutions that they fail to achieve time and time again even if they’re ‘SMART’ goals. If you’ve found yourself frustrated by New Year’s Resolutions year in, year out, try focusing on smaller habits that will slowly drive you towards your overall goals. Monthly Habits & Challenges > Yearly…Continue Reading “A New Approach to Your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions”

Towards the end of the year, it can be tempting to write off any goals from earlier in the year that we haven’t yet achieved. Didn’t develop washboard abs by February and get a promotion in April? Well, we sigh, there’s always next year. However, we all know it’s silly to wait around til January 1st to work on our goals. Even though there’s “only” two months left in the year, you can still make a solid sprint towards the finish line. Here are some…Continue Reading “How to End the Year Strong: Kicking Goals and Prepping for 2019”

The transition from studying to working full-time is one of the biggest learning curves I ever experienced. I count my blessings every day for the fact that easing from my Creative Writing degree into my first full-time role as a content writer with a marketing agency was fairly painless, with only three months of job-hunting required. Since settling into this role, I’ve learned how to live a routine 9-5 life as opposed to a fluid uni schedule, tried to figure out how to find the…Continue Reading “5 Truths About Money I’ve Learned From My First Full-Time Job | The Financial Diet”

We all have a thousand invisible threads tied to us, threads that tug gently as we move throughout our lives. We move like puppets, tugged on by some sort of supreme puppet master. Each thread is a reminder of a former self we chose not to be that still lingers in our memories, our “what ifs”. There might be a thread tied to your pinky, or one that makes your mouth twitch, or one that strings along your feet, taking you elsewhere. We are faced…Continue Reading “Threads of Thought | Peril | Edition 27”